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    Jufeng Technological Venture Capital focuses on building the pilot innovative development area of high-end industries in Qingdao and creating the first-rate domestic demonstration area for replacing old growth drivers with new ones according to the requirements of the Party committee and government of Laoshan District. The company has further explored the land resources in Laoshan District, adhered to the government-led and market-oriented principle, and actively adapted to enterprises, communities and scientific research institutes. Through acquisition, share purchase and leasing, the company has successively planed over 20 technological real estate projects such as the CHANGSHENG Emerging Industry Park, the Technological and Financial Building, the JUFENG Technology Industrial Park and the JUFENG Optical Medical Equipment Industrial Park, and prepared enough carrier space for innovation and entrepreneurship.
    Qingdao JUFENG Technology Industry Park
    Qingdao International Technology Transfer Center
    Qingdao Academicians and Experts Innovation Pioneer Park
    JUFENG Technology and Finance Building
    JUFENG Venture Building
    CHANGSHENG Emerging Industry Park
    JUFENG Optical Medical Equipment Industrial Park
    Qingdao High-level Talents Innovation Base

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    Qingdao Jufeng Entrepreneurship Building, No. 52, Miaoling Road, Qingdao City


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