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    Since its establishment, the company has given full play to the advantages of industrial investment platforms, supported development of emerging industries such as the intelligent industry, the energy conservation and environmental protection industry, the biological medical treatment industry, the intelligent manufacturing industry, the virtual reality industry, microelectronics and the scientific and technological service industry, and relied on the resources of listed companies such as Haier, TGOOD and Goertek in Laoshan District. The company has successively invested in multiple high-growth enterprises in Laoshan District. The high-growth enterprises include TGOOD (listed in the Second-board Market in 2009), Greensum Ecology (an expert of vegetation restoration and ecological environment treatment), Hisense TransTech (Intelligent Transportation Enterprise), Xiyi Information (a big data platform company), PEPLINK (an intelligent manufacturer), Ronghuitong (listed in the New Over the Counter Market), BOCOM Rural Bank.

    Investment Strategies

    The company mainly invests in growth-type enterprises, provides reasonable investment portfolios and strives to minimize risks and maximize profits. The company strengthens its cooperation with well-known venture capital institutions and improves its capacity for resource complementarity and value-added services.

    The company sets up a fund network to improve its capacity for project searches and joint investment. The company carries out division of labor on the basis of specialization, provides reasonable investment portfolios, strictly controls investment risks, and improves its capacity for project recognition and investment management and services. The company pays equal attention to the early, middle and late stages and search for projects with rapid growth potential. The company pays close attention to innovative fields like the high-tech industry.

    The company keeps strengthening management after investment, help enterprises build a scientific standard modern enterprise management system, improves resource integration efficiency by building an investment industry chain and a value chain, provides high-quality all-round capital operation services and contributes to rapid growth of the invested enterprises.


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