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    The company has carried out in-depth cooperation with domestic well-known venture capital institutions to set up venture capital funds characterized by market-based operation and professional management. As a professional venture capital institution, the company actively explores startups with the strategic investment value. Through equity investment, capital operation and other follow-up support, the company helps the enterprises holding shares grow rapidly and go public so the enterprises can share the substantial appreciation of shareholders' equity by holding shares at a lower cost for a longer time. At present, the company and Luxin Venture Capital has jointly set up Qingdao Chuangxin Marine Economic Venture Capital Fund. The company also cooperated with Tsinghua Technology & Innovation Holdings (THTI Holdings), a subsidiary of Tsinghua Holdings and a well-known technological park operator, to set up Qingdao THTI Holdings Jinyi Capital Venture Fund.

    The company has also actively discussed business with well-known venture capital institutions to jointly set up seed funds, angel funds and merger and acquisition funds. In terms of the investment stage, the company now gives priority to the high-growth projects at their growth or maturation stages, and also takes into account both the startup projects with major technical breakthroughs, reform in business model or merger and acquisition possibilities and the merger and acquisition projects with favorable conditions and coordinated front and back business.

    Qingdao HENGHUITAI Industry Development Fund Co,. Ltd
    Qingdao HENGHUITAI Industry Development Fund Co,. Ltd
    To build a “6+1” industrial cluster for Laoshan District, actively promote the conversion of new and old kinetic energy, and promote the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure. Jufeng and Qilu Bank jointly invested to build Qingdao Henghuitai Industrial Development Fund. The fund has a scale of 1 billion yuan and its main investment directions are: high-tech industrial incubation park, technology industrial park and high-tech enterprise equity investment. Invested Project: Shandong LUXIN-Rio Visual Technology Co,. Ltd., Qingdao New Energy Solutions Inc. (NESI) and Qingdao ZHIYUAN Industrial Management Co,. Ltd.
    Qingdao Chuangxin Marine Economic Venture Capital Fund Center (Limited Partnership)
    Qingdao Chuangxin Marine Economic Venture Capital Fund Center (Limited Partnership)
    The fund size is 200 million, mainly invests in enterprises with higher growth potential and momentum which meet the national industrial policies and development strategies and are at the middle or early stage of development. The main investment fields of the fund are the ocean-related industries such as the marine equipment manufacturing, the marine transport logistics, the marine engineering construction, the marine energies and minerals, the marine biological technology, the modern marine fishery and other service industries which are directly or indirectly related to the development of marine resources and space.
    The projects invested by the fund are Qingdao BZ Oligo Biotech Co., Ltd., Telchian Group Co., Ltd.
    Qingdao THTI Holdings Jinyi Capital Venture Center (Limited Partnership)
    Qingdao THTI Holdings Jinyi Capital Venture Center (Limited Partnership)
    The fund takes Qingdao as the main base, influences the whole province and faces the whole country. The fund mainly invests in strategic emerging industries such as TMT (Telecommunications, Media and Technology), Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection, Intelligent Equipment and biomedical treatment.
    The projects invested by the fund are Qingdao HSJ Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Qingdao Zhongke Hualian New Material Co., Ltd., Qingdao Guolin Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., Hunan Litian Tungsten Co., Ltd., Shandong Yuanda Special Material Technology Co., Ltd. and Fujian Minrui Environmental Fiber Joint Stock Co., Ltd.
    Qingdao JIANRUI Venture Investment Center (Limited Partner)
    Qingdao JIANRUI Venture Investment Center (Limited Partner)
    The fund specializes in investing in early-stage projects (Mainly based on Seed Funding and Entrepreneurship Foundation), focuses on intelligent manufacture, AI, new material and Big Data, which is highly fit with industrial landscape of Laoshan. JUFENG participates in Qingdao Jianrui Fund, and exerts the “targeting role” of financial funds to guide social capital to expand the investment stage and investment perspective to the initial stage of entrepreneurial projects, attracting emerging industry entrepreneurship projects to settle in Laoshan. By leveraging the rich experience of the professional management team, providing a full range of services such as investment and financing support, industrial resource docking, and business model, it will help reduce the investment risk of early projects and support the quality projects in Laoshan District faster and better. Grasp the opportunities in the industry.

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