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    Qingdao Jufeng Science and Technology Venture Investment Co., Ltd. is a state-owned investment company established under the approval of the Laoshan District Government. The company is an important platform for innovation, entrepreneurship and investment with a total capital of 2 billion yuan.
    Jufeng was previously the Qingdao Laoshan District Entrepreneurship Investment Co., Ltd. Since the establishment in 2008, the company has successfully invested in financial enterprises such as the TGOOD, Qingdao Guanzhong Ecology Co., Ltd., Hisense TransTech Co., Ltd. and the Qingdao Laoshan Bocom Rural Bank Co., Ltd, Qilu Bank, LUXIN-RIO, Qingdao New Energy Solutions Inc. As well as in shareholding industrial funds like the Jianrui Fund, Chuangxin Marine Economy, the THTI KeChuangJinYi Investment Management Ltd. and the Henghuitai Fund etc.
    Jufeng lays stress on total factor incubation service, entrepreneurship investment and financing, as well as cyber space operation. With the opportunity brought about by the application of startup carriers totalling 200,000m2 including the Qingdao Startup Way, the Jufeng Venture Building, the Academician Valley and Qingdao International Technology Transfer Centre, we actively build service platforms for startup incubation, business operation, business format guidance and industrial investment. Jufeng is doing the utmost to develop into one of China's first-class service provider for startup incubation, business operation, and high-tech entrepreneurship investment.

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    Qingdao Jufeng Entrepreneurship Building, No. 52, Miaoling Road, Qingdao City


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