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  • Hi-tech Industry Park JUFENG Industrial Base

    To expand the development prospect and make contribution to industry upgrade and transfer of Laoshan, JUDENG plan to build industrial base outside of Laoshan district. It will lead the industry project of intelligent manufacture, energy saving and environmental protection, testing and Pharmaceuticals to settle in. The Base is with an area of 680.23 mu and split into south part and north part. The south part is with the area of 252.42mu, the conversion of this land use right from a farmland to a commercial-oriented one now is underway,and so of the process of listing on the board. The process of north part has not been started and the area of it is 460000 m2.

    Location:Jiangshan Zhen, Laixi,Qingdao

    Featured industry: Intelligent manufacture, testing and pharmaceuticals

    Floor Area:680.23 m2

    Operation since:2019.12


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