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  • Qingdao JUFENG Science &Technology Industry Park

    Qingdao JUFENG Science &Technology Industry Park is located at the south of Zhuzhou Road and the east of Xinrui Road with the area of 28.29mu. The on the ground building area is 65500m2 and the under-ground area is 21200 m2. It plans to build a Park of combining intelligent manufacture and industry to play an important role in implementing new and old kinetic energy conversion and overall planning of industry.

    Location:south of Zhuzhou Road and east of Xinrui Road, Laoshan District, Qingdao

    Featured industry: Intelligent manufacture, intelligent industry and civil-military integration

    Floor Area:86700 m2

    Operation since:2019.12


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    Qingdao Jufeng Entrepreneurship Building, No. 52, Miaoling Road, Qingdao City


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