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  • The Qingdao Overseas Technology Transfer Demonstration Base will be set up in Laoshan District.

    This afternoon, the press conference for the "New Driving Forces and New Engines" 2017 1,000-sail Innovation and Entrepreneurship Activity Season was held in Qingdao News Center. As the special district and city activity representative, the Committee of Scientific and Technological Innovation of Laoshan District released relevant information regarding the launch ceremony of the Qingdao Overseas Technology Transfer Demonstration Base. At the press conference, journalists were very interested in the Qingdao Overseas Technology Transfer Demonstration Base and put questions. 

    Press Conference

    Zhao Min, head of the Department of Scientific and Technological Ecology of the Committee of Scientific and Technological Innovation of Laoshan District, attended the press conference. 

    The Qingdao Overseas Technical Transfer Demonstration Base will hold the launch ceremony on September 25, 2017 in order to comprehensively carry out the major projects of Shandong for replacing the old growth drivers with new ones, promote Qingdao to take the lead in making breakthroughs in innovation, element gathering, enterprise fostering and industrial upgrading and become a good bellwether, driver and demonstration area for Shandong to replace the old growth drivers with new ones.

    At that time, the launch ceremony will hold a series of important contract signing ceremonies by centering on overseas technical transfer. Meanwhile, it will also carry out multiple activities such as the dialogues and exchanges, the project road shows and the public training activities.

    The activity is guided by the China Science and Technology Exchange Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, hosted by the People's Government of Laoshan District and Qingdao Bureau of Science and Technology, undertaken by the Committee of Scientific and Technological Innovation of Laoshan District, Qingdao City, and supported by Qingdao Jufeng Technological Venture Capital Co., Ltd. and Niuwei Scientific and Technological Service Platform (Qingdao) Co., Ltd.

    The Question Put by a Journalist of Qingdao Financial Daily 

    Q: As more projects will be carried out in the Qingdao Overseas Technology Transfer Demonstration Base, will there be carrier space for the further development of mature projects? 

    A: The overseas technology transfer demonstration base built in China devotes itself to building a full-circle, all-element and all-weather overseas technology transfer eco-system. We not only introduce overseas technologies but also promote their development. We also provide enough carrier facilities for their industrialization. The total planning area of the overseas technology transfer demonstration base is 14,000 square meters. The area of the first phase is 4,000 square meters. Meanwhile, all platform companies under the Committee of Scientific and Technological Innovation of Laoshan District give full play to the value of innovation and entrepreneurship platform companies. Through the integration of the land resources and factory building resources in Laoshan District, at present, it has completed or plans to build 1,000,000-odd-square meter carrier space for industrialization. It can absolutely meet the growth demand of overseas entrepreneurial projects. 

    In promoting "intelligent technology-based industries, intelligent industrialization, cross-field integration and high-end brands" by "new techniques, new industries, new business types and new models", Laoshan District focuses on building a leading high-end industry area of Qingdao and founding a demonstration area for replacing the old growth drivers with new ones, carries out five major actions for replacing the old growth drivers with new ones which are the action of gathering emerging industries, the action of making breakthroughs in terms of major projects, the action of expanding industry space, the action of building an eco-system and the action of guaranteeing efficiency and increasing the speed, strives to build the innovation and entrepreneurship carriers which are the Qingdao Coasting Innovation Avenue, the Qingdao Jinzhu Entrepreneurship Street, the Qingdao Creator Street, the Qingdao International Innovation Park and the Qingdao International Creator Community, centers on the industry chain to arrange the innovation chain, establishes an innovation and entrepreneurship support system with a clear target, and provides enough space and soil for the growth of entrepreneurial projects.

    Dong Tiantao, president of Qingdao Jufeng Technological Venture Capital Co., Ltd. took a question of a journalist.

    Q: Can you tell us the main functions of the overseas technology transfer centers worldwide?

    A: The overseas technology transfer center has six major functions. First, it exhibits and introduces the superior resources of Qingdao. It exhibits the superior resources of Qingdao in terms of its industries, policies and environments through the platform, and attracts overseas high-end talents, advanced techniques and investments. Second, it gears science and technology to talents. According to the customer demand, it precisely gears overseas technological talents to international technical projects. 

    Third, it is a channel for collecting overseas projects. It focuses on innovation resource gathering areas, is geared to local universities, colleges and technology transfer organizations, and collects the potential technological projects which conform to the industrial development direction of Qingdao. The center will obtain the power of attorney or licensing right to transform results of universities and colleges by taking advantage of its favorable geological position and service functions. Fourth, it has the pre-incubation function of technological entrepreneurial projects. It conducts selection and appraisal by setting up a professional pre-incubation platform according to requirements for industrialization. The selected outstanding projects entrust local research and development teams to upgrade technologies so that the upgraded technologies can meet the domestic technical standards and the result transformation conditions.

    Fifth, it is an overseas merger and acquisition platform of innovative technologies. It precisely explores and recommends potential merger and acquisition projects, and provides all-round consulting services for domestic enterprises to conduct mergers and acquisitions. Sixth, it is an overseas enterprise exchange platform in Qingdao. It initiated and set up the overseas enterprise liaison committee which becomes a window for the exchange between enterprises which have gone global and between governments and enterprises. 


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