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  • The whole world will focus on Qingdao on September 25, 2017

    The Qingdao Overseas Technical Transfer Demonstration Base will hold the launch ceremony on September 25, 2017 in order to comprehensively carry out the major projects of Shandong for replacing the old growth drivers with new ones, promote Qingdao to take the lead in making breakthroughs in innovation, element gathering, enterprise fostering and industrial upgrading and become a good bellwether, driver and demonstration area for Shandong to replace the old growth drivers with new ones. The completion of the demonstration base shows the innovative approach of Qingdao that actively integrates into the world and the new idea of Qingdao that replaces the old growth drivers with new ones by gathering innovative resources. 

    Design Picture of the Qingdao Overseas Technical Transfer Demonstration Base


    Activity Site

    Multiple important contract-signing ceremonies and events will be held at the same time. 

    At that time, the launch ceremony will hold a series of important contract signing ceremonies by centering on overseas technical transfer. Meanwhile, it will also carry out multiple activities such as the dialogues and exchanges, the project road shows and the public training activities. According to the disclosed information, international creators will introduce more than 40 projects to be carried out in Qingdao such as the application techniques of the virtual simulation industry, the DazePlug automatic charging system, the VR experience fitness project and the aviation composite material production techniques by road shows on the activity site. Meanwhile, nearly 1,000 overseas technical results to be sold will be launched. 


    Activity Theme 

    Replacement of the Old Growth Drivers with New Ones and "Belt and Road" International Scientific and Technological Cooperation 

    The activity is guided by the China Science and Technology Exchange Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, hosted by the People's Government of Laoshan District and Qingdao Bureau of Science and Technology, undertaken by the Committee of Scientific and Technological Innovation of Laoshan District, Qingdao City, and supported by Qingdao Jufeng Technological Venture Capital Co., Ltd. and Niuwei Scientific and Technological Service Platform (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. The launch ceremony of the Qingdao Overseas Technical Transfer Demonstration Base takes replacement of the old growth drivers with new ones and the "Belt and Road" international scientific and technological cooperation as the theme. The base establishes itself in Qingdao, embraces the world, makes collaborative innovation, and devotes itself to building China's first overseas technology transfer ecosystem characterized by "one platform, two-way incubation and technical services + industrial investment". The base provides a driving force for the economic innovation development of Qingdao by exhibiting the advantageous resources of Qingdao, gearing science and technology to talents, collecting overseas projects, carrying out the pre-incubation of technological entrepreneurial projects and building an overseas purchase platform of innovative technologies and an overseas enterprise exchange platform of Qingdao. 

    The Appearance of the Business Incubator in Bedfordshire, the UK 


    Try first to make the most special Laoshan Plan

    In order to respond to the proposals of speeding up the building of a livable happy innovative international city and carrying out major projects of Qingdao for replacing the old growth drivers with new ones put forward in the report of the 12th congress of Party representatives of Qingdao, Laoshan District has vied for seizing the major opportunities that the Central Government, the provincial government and the municipal government promote the replacement of the old growth drivers with new ones, set a goal of building a leading high-end industry area of Qingdao and founding a demonstration area for replacing the old growth drivers with new ones, and focused on the five major actions for replacing the old growth drivers with new ones. Laoshan District takes the completion of the Qingdao Overseas Technical Transfer Demonstration Base as an opportunity, actively tries first, integrates overseas and domestic innovative resources and promotes and carries out the strategy of innovation-driven development by practical actions. 


    The base aims to build the first overseas technology transfer ecosystem in China. 

    According to the introduction, "one platform" is to set up the Qingdao Overseas Technology Transfer Platform, build the Qingdao Overseas Technology Transfer Demonstration Base, introduce professional technology transfer service organizations and form an industrial technology patent pool. "Two-way incubation" is to form a new sustainable innovative entrepreneurial model characterized by "overseas innovation incubation and accelerating domestic transformation". As for the overseas innovation incubation, the first phase sets up overseas technology transfer centers in the UK, Germany and Israel and will continue to develop in other popular innovation areas. As for domestic transformation, it builds the Qingdao Overseas Technology Incubation Accelerator and the Industry Base at the same time. "Technical services + industrial development" is to set up a professional organization invested by Jufeng Technological Venture Capital, provide management and technical services of market-based operation and establish a technology transfer foundation to provide the effective fund support for speeding up the industrialization of overseas technologies. 

    The Qingdao Overseas Technology Transfer Demonstration Base is located in No. 55, East Yinchuan Road, Laoshan District, with a total area of 14,000 square meters. Now the base is under construction. The 4,000-square meter first phase includes a modern science and technology service hall, a 24/7 overseas bookstore, a social culture café, an eco-thinking oxygen bar, a VR fitness and entertainment area, an overseas real-time meeting area, an international intellectual property inquiring area and other internationally leading incubation eco-elements. At present, the first batch of overseas innovation projects has been chosen for the base. Contracts will be signed at the launch ceremony. 

    We look forward to your visit to Laoshan, Qingdao on September 25, 2017. We look forward to communicating with you. Let's inject a new force for Qingdao to integrate into the global innovation network, make technological innovations and upgrade industries. 

    Detailed information of the meeting and the exclusive application channel will be released in succession. 

    Coming soon!


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