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  • Six overseas Hi-tech projects will settle in Laoshan and establish industry chain of Auto-pilot

    On 30th, July, 2018 Qingdao BJEV, the concentrated signing ceremony of overseas Hi-tech projects landing was held in Academician Valley. Six overseas hi-tech projects are landing in Laoshan, such as auto-pilot and high-precision map technology. In the near future, Qingdao BJEV will establish the industry chain of auto-pilot step by step in Laoshan to build a demonstration region of auto-pilot in North area of China.

    Yingsheng HUANG, the vice-president of Laoshan district government addressed at the ceremony

    At the signing ceremony, Laoshan-District Merchants Bureau, Qingdao BJEV and JUFENG signed a cooperation agreement in order to gather overseas innovation resources and promote result conversion of hi-tech projects.

    In the future, the contracted parties will cooperate with BAIC North American Co., Ltd. by using their respective advantageous resources to establish long-term strategic partnerships of the introduction and cultivation of overseas projects in finance, high-end manufacturing, artificial intelligence, microelectronics, big data and other related fields. It will build a “BAIC Overseas Industry Cluster” and gather a group of leading financial and high-tech enterprises to settle in Laoshan.

    Signing ceremony

    Peng LIU, BAIC Senior Vice-president addressed at the ceremony

    Signing Ceremony of Laoshan District Merchants Bureau, Qingdao BJEV and Qingdao JUFENG

    Overseas High-Tech Signing Ceremony

    It has made a significant achievement of investment in Laoshan through the signing. At the same time, it has made a breakthrough of new energy automobile industry, introduced into overseas high technology projects with high quality and a bright future. It will not only build a high-end cooperation platform for automobile industry, but also promote industry innovation and structure improving of Laoshan. Yingsheng HUANG, the vice-president of Laoshan district government mentioned in the speech that we hope to make full use of resources from all parties, to build a high-end platform for industrial development exchanges around high-tech and other related fields from this new start.

    Overseas High-Tech Signing Ceremony

    In recent years, Laoshan has accelerate layout of the “6+1” emerging industries of strategic development, which includes intellect industry, intelligent manufacturing, AI, microelectronics, biomedicine, new energy materials and high-end producer service industries. Innovation is the primary driving force for development; Laoshan has innovative environment and international perspective. The leading enterprises introduced overseas projects into Laoshan to actualize introduction and industrialization of achievements. It is an attempt to build Qingdao's high-end industry leading area and the new and old kinetic energy conversion demonstration area.


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